Removewat Hotfix Coming soon for Windows 8.1

According to Windows 8.1 technical blog the Windows Activation Technology have updated to new version. Worst case is when WAT recognize any tool which are activating windows illegal way, it notify to Microsoft wat servers. After though Microsoft servers shutdown and that pc or whole network and send a survey to make sure identify the user. The windows technical blog removewat updatehave submitted more explain about upcoming another major update call KB992344. It is by identifying identified activation exploits that might impact their Pc expertise with just some clicks. This update run quickly and silently in background process in you are system.
Other cracks and activation tools will be cover from KB992344 update. This callback for the Microsoft’s activation server serves as an extra level of regular acceptance, which allows that WAT process to receive most recent and date signatures that happen to be utilized to decide fresh service exploits as a way to validate and decide no matter if or not the Windows more effective on a is genuine or unlicensed, and contemplate a number of actions to transform the particular person encounter and conduct of your Laptop inside the WAT determines which the actual system genuine or appropriately authenticated, regardless of the program activated position of your moment.

The TeamDaz development announced they can break new Windows Activation Technology which is launched with windows 8.1 yesterday. So windows 8.1 users please stay away old Removewat version. They are no longer work with windows 8.1. But still we can use Removewat for windows 7 and windows 8 versions without facing any errors. But it’s good if you can update latest Removewat version when it released. New version will be release within 1 weeks as the development team promised.

What will be in latest Removewat tool

Enable activation all of windows versions. But the update will target windows 8.1 version.
Simply break KB992344 update files.
Windows update block features
Uninstall updates
Lot of errors have been fixed.
Offline process
New algorithm beta versions

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